Benefits of Installing New Windows

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The sunrise is arguably one the best thing to see when you wake up. The freshness and beauty of a new day are major motivators in going about your daily activities. Similar to your eyes, the windows in the house allow you to see and experience the wonders and beauties that surround you. The simple act of opening the curtains in a dark room has the potential to change your mood in an instant. In this read, we are going to delve deeper into why windows are one of the most important aspects of home improvement.

1. The Value of Windows

There is no denying that gratification is a major metric when it comes to determining the value of a home. Windows provide light, warmth and beauty, making you feel less confined even if you’re in a small room. Windows are like portals to the outside world that let in light, sound and air.

2. Boost Happiness & Productivity

If you take a stroll in your city, you will notice that more and more office buildings are prioritizing natural lighting given the trend in glass walls and windows. That’s because research has shown an increase in happiness and productivity in workplaces with natural lighting. Natural light stimulates energy and boosts mental clarity as well as productivity. The same applies to residential settings. This makes replacing that small window with a larger one a worthy investment, not just for your house but for your well-being. Sunlight is known to increase Vitamin D production, which hampers feelings like stress and depression through the release of the mood enhancer serotonin.

3. What Light Can Do

Before you determine which home improvements you should do, consider what natural light can do for you. Numerous studies show that natural light has a positive effect on mental health, boosting both mental and emotional well-being. According to research done in 1984, patients who had big windows overlooking the outdoors showed faster recovery compared to patients who had limited or no access to natural light. Recent studies that natural light can also reduce neuron response to pain receptors. Composite french doors are an excellent choice that will compliment any new window installation and help bring in more light into your home.

4. Safety & Security

Having your home ready for unexpected events is a wise defence move against burglars. Older windows can be easily broken, making it easier to intruders to get into your house. Vulnerabilities, like defective locks and thin glass, put you and your loved ones at risk. Thanks to advancements in this field, however, windows are more secure than ever. These features give you an extra layer of security, while still being able to enjoy natural light.

5. Storm Window Benefits

If you live in a place that constantly experiences storms, or live in a noisy neighbourhood, investing in storm windows should be a no-brainer. These windows not only reduce air and water leakage but outside noise as well. You can also get them with a tint to reduce exposure to UV light, protecting your furniture and fabrics from sun damage.

6. Keep the Weather Outside

Older windows tend to be inefficient and allow water to make its way into the house, leading to water damage and mould growth. If you live in a storm-prone region, you’ll want to invest in weather-resistant windows. The current iterations are also energy-efficient in that they prevent the entry and loss of heat from your house.