Framework (Workplace Injury Management)

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We are working in partnership for many years as we do management for working places. Workplace Rehabilitation is helping the one who gets injured during work as our expertise shows love towards work and believes in saving health. We create and sustain a safe workplace for a better environment. Framework workplace rehabilitation is taking steps for injury management at work with the affiliation of various groups.

1. Pre-employment functional assessment

Framework workplace rehabilitation does functional assessments for valid information. Our work owns quality we understand the importance of getting reliable information for the retailing system.

  • Reliability of functional assessment

It is the assessment of the body we can assess the individuals from the community, so workplace rehabilitation offers a clear strategy for the pre-employed individual. For example, we select a football team from college and take the height for measurement. We all know that height is a reliable source for assessment. But team coaches can choose the players based on their BMI, body fat, and aerobic stamina. So, all these are reliable metrics we can take for assessment. Sometimes, observation is the best assessment for selection. Workplace rehabilitation pre-employed functional assessment is the way of recruiting the best one.

  • Geographical hindrance

Physical examination is a complex method to assess pre-employment groups. Workplace rehabilitation introduces the latest video interaction technique for assessment. Due to Covid-19, all the sessions can work through this medium.

2. Workplace Injury Management

Workplace rehabilitation injury management is also known as “Recovery Support Guidance.”

It supports injured workers and guides all the steps for their recovery.

  • Workplace Rehabilitation Interventions

We understand the concept of gathering all the employees and team up with all the staff. We have all the data of workers and agents. The workers’ compensation system is complex, so we track the problem and solve it. Workplace rehabilitation is here to save your time, money, and energy.

You can trust our policy as we have experts to save you after injury and make you recovery plans.

  • Workplace Rehabilitation Injury Management Amenity

· Functional assessment

· Hand-grip assessment

· Doctor-patient interaction

· Recovery plan

· Non-work injury management

· Case management

· Psychological management

3. Education and Training

Workplace rehabilitation has a professional team that makes your organization positive and sustainable. We guide you to be safe and meet the client’s expectations.

  • Learning Prop Up

You need to understand mistakes are certain and how we can stay focus. Workplace rehabilitation experts give you the organizational culture to learn injury management. Here are some of the programs for our clients.

  • Injury Prevention Workshop

It is a one-day workshop that highlights the management ideas.

· Why injury occurs?

· Limitations of generic and risk managements

· Empowerment strategies

· Team injury management

  • Injury Prevention Training

Personalized training has the following strategies:

· Follow the results of the workshop

· Highlights the reason for injury

· Assist in team management

· Manual handling

  • Other Workplace Rehabilitation Trainings

It involves:

Advanced Coordinator Training:

· Secondary disability

· Early interventions

· Motivation and compensation

· Communication

· Suitable duties

· Leadership

Supervisor Monitoring:

· Helpless and confused as the supervisor

· Personal problems

· Criticism

· Guilt and losing control