How To Set Up Your Own Automotive Garage Business

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Starting your own business can be an exciting time, particularly when you are starting a business doing something you love. If automobiles are your thing you are at the right place!

Decide Which Type Of Garage To Open

There are several different types of automotive garage businesses you can choose from to open including MOT testing, general repairs and servicing and the repair and renovation of classic cars. Deciding which type of garage you should open depends on your interests and the local competition you are faced with. If you want to create a future-proof business model you could create a name for yourself as a ‘green garage’ as the UK government plans to ban the sale of new petroleum vehicles by 2030. Meaning in the next couple of decades there is going to be a dramatic increase in electric vehicles, if you can get ahead of this trend your business could become more successful as time goes on. To decide why not ask people who park in your favourite car park Knightsbridge Parking what type of garage they would most like to open in their local area?

Find A Location For Your Business

When searching for a location for your business you ideally want to find a location that is near a population center that has a lack of garages that are already serving this area. Meaning that you have less competition and enough customer traffic into your business. You can research this by looking at various towns and cities that you may want to start your business in on Google Maps and checking how many garages there are that have the same business model as you. You should also check the population of the local area of your garage to assess if this area would be a good place to open a garage or not. Setting up your business near a city centre car park can increase the chances you are going to get enough business. 

Buy The Right Equipment

Before you serve your first customer it is important to have the right tools and equipment for the job, researching what tools and equipment your garage business model requires can ensure that you can perform any job you are faced with, as long as you have the right skill set!

Choose Your Qualifications And Expand Your Skillset

It is likely that if you are considering opening your automotive garage you already have some experience working with vehicles, but to truly show this off to the world and be taken seriously by people who have never met you (like prospective customers) you need to ensure that you have some qualifications to back you up, this will make your business seem more legitimate.

Another thing to consider about owning and running an automotive garage is the fact that you will have to deal with all things business; this means booking in customers, tracking orders and taking payments. You will also need to ensure that you submit your taxes annually to ensure that your business is operating legally. You can either choose to manage your accounting or you could entrust your accounting to an accountant. However, this service will come at a cost that you will have to incorporate into your balance sheet.


Making adequate preparations before you start your automobile business is highly advisable to increase the chances of success for your business.