Important Benefits You Should Be Offering To Your Employees

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Offering employees a good benefits package not only helps you to maintain fantastic employees at your business, but also attracts the best new talent. As well as the basics like regular pay reviews, good pension and sick leave and healthcare cover, there are a few things you can do to go above and beyond to show your employees you care.

Flexible Working

First up, we have flexible working. Flexible working looks different for everyone, however the main principle is giving your employees the room they need to fit work around other commitments in life. For most businesses, this would be having a core set of working hours, like everyone works between 10am and 2pm, then there is the freedom to work either earlier or later to fit into their routine. As well as the hours, allowing some freedom in terms of working from home is important for many employees.

The best thing to do is to ask your employees what would be helpful for them in terms of flexible working and then create a bit of a system so everyone knows how it works!

Help With Transport Costs

Next, you should help your employees with transport costs. If you want to encourage great employees to not only come into the office, but stay with the business for a long time, then helping them to get to you is important. Whether you work with a car park Leeds based to offer discounted parking or a few days free a week, or you pay for your employees railcards, these things will really make a difference to them. Offering cycle to work schemes can also be really great to keep your employees healthy as well as helping with their transport!

Wellbeing Budget

Something else that you should consider providing for your employees is a wellbeing budget, which is some additional money on top of their salary each month that helps them to pay for something that is good for their wellbeing. This might be their gym membership or fitness classes, a yoga membership, to help them pay for their painting classes, and so on. This will help to encourage them to pursue hobbies outside of work that will help with their mental and physical health, to make them happier employees overall! Showing you care about their wellbeing with this small gesture can make a big difference.

Free Breakfast

Last but not least, you should offer a free breakfast. Once a week, head down to your local shopping centre Leeds or London based and pick up some delicious bits and pieces for breakfast. Things like cereals, bread, bagels, spreads, different milks, porridge pots, yoghurts and fruit won’t cost the business much, but it can seriously help to improve productivity as well as give your employees one less thing to fit in before they head to work in the morning! We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so this can make a big difference.