Peter Foxhoven: Why More Entrepreneurs Should Be Podcasting

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Peter Foxhoven

Podcasting is a good way to get your brand out there and become the authority on a topic, says Peter Foxhoven.

For entrepreneurs, getting their brand and company in front of their audience should be a major focal point. Peter Foxhoven is experienced in business startups and participating in podcasts. He says that more entrepreneurs should consider podcasting to help increase their reach.
According to Statista, 78{59d5fe09af3719deb1dce66a591b325aa20119f67775f5bbaa07f200cd03fe84} of Americans have heard about podcasts, and 57{59d5fe09af3719deb1dce66a591b325aa20119f67775f5bbaa07f200cd03fe84} have listened to a podcast. This means there were an estimated 120 million podcast listeners in 2021. This number is expected to rise to approximately 160 million listeners in 2023.
Peter Foxhoven says there are several key ways podcasting can help entrepreneurs.
Increasing authority: “Podcasting is a great way to expound on your expertise and offer your audience value,” he says. “A podcast can be entertaining, motivating or informative. Choose the kinds of topics your audience is going to care about. If you aren’t familiar with a topic, bring in an expert as a guest speaker.”
Engaging audience: “Podcasting is growing steadily in popularity,” he says. “People love that they can listen as they do other things. They enjoy hearing the voice on the other end. Podcasts help hold attention longer and are easier to produce than some forms of content, like video or captivating photography.”
Boosting knowledge: He notes that podcasting allows entrepreneurs to learn and grow as they draw in their audience. By choosing topics they are interested in, podcasters can uncover new things that might help them with their business. He says this form of multitasking can be highly beneficial.
Forming relationships: Entrepreneurs can grow their networks by meeting people in the podcasting world. For example, going on as a guest speaker can help you connect to someone else in the industry with a similar audience. Foxhoven says you may have the opportunity to bring on your picks of leading professionals to interview for your own podcast as well.
Pursuing your interests: Above all, Peter Foxhoven says podcasting gives you an opportunity to explore topics you care about. He says this pursuit can act as a form of therapy, helping people relax and focus on something they are interested in pursuing.
Building a content stream. “Podcasting doesn’t happen overnight,” he notes. “It takes time to build up your following and find your voice. It takes even more time to get your sound and editing right. Then, you have to get people to stick around. You have to see this as an investment.”
He says entrepreneurs must be ready to hone their skills as they go in order to create content that gets increasingly better. Foxhoven also notes that assessing and improving have made him much better over time. Ultimately, entrepreneurs can harness this tool to help extend their reach.