4 Signs That You May Need A New Door

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1. Light is Leaking Through the Door Edges

If you notice that there is light making its way into the room from outside (it could be above, under, or around the door) you may have a door problem. It also means that your home is leaking heat through these gaps. You would be amazed just how much heat can be lost in this way. The converse is also true, those gaps allow cold air to enter. A high-quality, well-fitted door will offer quality insulation – and reduce your energy bills. The problem can be rectified by using door weather seals (also known as weather strips). Using these seal openings prevents cold air from creeping in. Used on external doors weather seals also prevent rain and moisture from entering the home and causing damage.

2. Feeling Chilly?

If you are standing next to your door and feel a chill – one that is difficult to ignore then you almost certainly have a door issue. This is usually a problem in traditional, older homes. You can reduce that chill by using draft stoppers, however, these will then need to become a permanent fixture and that can become a hassle – and they don’t always work particularly well. If you encounter this problem it’s probably because your doors are poorly insulated or that gaps and cracks are present and that they are allowing the entrance of chilly air. If this is the case, then you can look forward to spending more on your heating bills. Even if you switch the heat higher, those chilly spots around the area of the door are probably still going to persist. If you do the maths and calculate how much extra you are going to be spending keeping your home at a comfortable temperature – and then compare that to the price of a new door you will quickly realize that a new door is by far the more logical choice. Your home being cold can also be due to your windows, consider double glazed windows if you don’t already have them installed.

3. Difficulty Opening and Closing Doors

If you are having to exert large amounts of effort to open or close a door then you are encountering one of the most common signs that your door may need to be replaced. Its functionality has simply degraded over time. It’s a very obvious sign. You shouldn’t be using excessive force to open and close your doors – it’ll eventually cause damage to the structure of the door. The difficulty opening and closing the door could be due to a variety of factors, including the fact that your door may not have been installed by a professional or that the elements have caused warping or just general wear and tear. You could try checking the hinge screws (they may require tightening or alteration), and also check the door jam to make sure that it is set flush with the frame.

4. Cracked or Peeling Paint

Degrading paintwork is a sign of wear and tear. You may be able to get away with telling guests it’s all part of your personal aesthetic and search for that authentic rustic look – however, you’ll know it wasn’t the intention when you first purchased that door. peeling and cracking are often a result of the door not being prepared and treated correctly. You can try a coat of paint – but when all is said and done, save yourself the headache – it’s probably time for a new door.