Looking at the Top 5 Health Benefits from Eating Smoked Salmon

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Smoked salmon is a delicious meal and one that can be surprisingly nutritious, too. While eating fish is part of a good diet, salmon in particular has a well-deserved reputation for being very healthy. Salmon has a bevy of positive health benefits and if you prefer your salmon smoked, the good news is that this delicious delicacy keeps all of its health benefits from being prepared that way.

…So let’s dive into the 5 top health benefits of eating smoked salmon and why you should consider adding even more into your diet.

#1: Salmon Is a Heart Healthy Food

The key here is omega-3 fatty acids. While these are found in many fish and are often found in “fish oil” supplements, oily fish like salmon have a lot more of these. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in many studies to be good for both blood circulation in general and a healthy heart in particular.

This is because they help with lowering blood pressure, lowering harmful triglyceride fats, maintaining a steady and regular heartbeat, and preventing blood clots from forming. That’s a lot of benefit from one fish!

#2: Strengthens the Immune System

Those omega-3 fatty acids that are absolutely overflowing in salmon strengthen white blood cells, which strengthens the response of the immune system. While the heart benefits are well known, more studies are being done to follow up data suggesting that these may also play at least some effect in helping to protect against a variety of other common diseases even beyond the rich array of vitamins and minerals that are in smoked salmon that are known to boost the immune system themselves.

#3: Boosting the Body’s Structure

The fatty acid in smoked salmon seems to have a positive effect on a wide variety of body parts including skin, joints, bones, and muscles, and even clearing “brain fog” to make thinking easier. The body has a limited ability to heal itself and the minerals, vitamins, and Omega-3s that come with smoked salmon seem to boost that ability in the body even into old age. There’s a reason fish is often on that small list of healthy foods that are considered “brain food.”

Add in a healthy helping of Vitamin D and it’s not hard to see why people who eat a lot of smoked salmon tend to look good, feel good, and otherwise function at a very high level on a day-to-day basis.

#4: Mood & Energy Levels Increase

It’s well known that B vitamins have a direct correlation to high energy levels and smoked salmon is loaded with them, including B3, B6, and B12. That’s a lot of potential fuel from a relatively low-calorie protein. This is also one of the few foods that have Vitamin D, an extremely important mineral that regulates mood and many people get from sunlight exposure.

More energy and a better mood are a great 1-2 combination that helps you make the most out of your day and are going to help you get the most out of life. All that comes from the positive benefits that come from eating smoked salmon.

#5: Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

Salmon is a high protein, makes you feel full, and is low calorie for a protein. That makes for great food that helps regulate your body weight. Salmon also has nutritional iodine, a crucial hormone for keeping the metabolic rate of the thyroid healthy and functioning where it should be.

This not only helps you stay full and burn calories at an appropriate level but helps you stay feeling full throughout the day. That makes salmon an excellent protein source for any diet plan to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.