A Guide For Successful Custom Bobblehead Ordering

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Custom bobbleheads are a unique and fun way to send a wedding gift to your wedding party, family, friends, or acquaintances. However, if you are ordering custom bobbleheads for a wedding gift on a non-wedding day, your choice of time will affect the shipping time. Here are three tips to help you decide when to place an order for custom bobbleheads.
First, consider the quality of the bobblehead. Your final product should be of the highest quality to ensure longevity and to make sure that it looks great when it arrives at your door.
If you are ordering custom bobbleheads at bobbleheadsme.com for a special occasion, do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer about the paint variations in their stock. You can choose your paint color and gloss for a customized look. Just be sure that the paint is not bright and will not bleed through the bobblehead while it is being painted.
Consider the number of items to be packaged in each box. Ordering fewer custom bobbleheads will save you money. If more than one person in your party needs a bobblehead doll, there is no need to order a large quantity. A small box with a few personalized bobblehead dolls is all that is needed in most cases.
Go with your budget. Bobbleheads are made in the USA in the same manufacturing plants like the ones in Japan and China. Most are made using the same mold technology. You can find cheap prices on great quality products if you do enough research. Do not compromise on quality to save money on your custom bobbleheads made in the USA.
Know your audience. If you are thinking about making custom bobbleheads for a special event like a wedding or a bridal shower, consider the ages of the individuals who will be at the party. A fun idea for an adult party would be to order customized bobbleheads in the shape of a wine bottle or crystal wine cup, with the personalized name of the guests included on the bottom of the glass.
Stress about the detail. Some things are more important than others when it comes to ordering custom-made bobbleheads dolls. Make sure that your custom figurines are accurate depictions of your subjects. This will make your figurines a lot more memorable.