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carrying price? and expressed in terms of percent price of INVENTORY valuation per year of possession. For instance, a 25% carrying price would indicate that it prices about $.25 to own every $1.00 of INVENTORY annually. These costs consist of: ?

Cost of money ? The price of capital to the corporate or, in some circumstances the ? alternative cost? or return that could possibly be earned on the money by making use of it productively elsewhere. The value of money has ranged anywhere from 6% to 18% within the last 25 years.

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overhead? , however this eventually raises the overhead fee, which increases prices of doing business, which raises costs, which makes firms less aggressive. It really doesn?

written off? and are utilized to ?


t matter that much (aside from tax purposes) whether or not costs find yourself as direct, oblique, expensed, burden, or whatever: they all have an effect on profitability, funding and price of manufacturing. Carrying Costs Let? s have a look at what goes into INVENTORY ? cost of possession? , incessantly called the ?